Hangover Cure


Nasty Gal had an amazing sale going on during Memorial Day weekend. A sale so amazing that I couldn’t pass up the deal steal for 2 Unif Hangover Shorts for the price of 1 that was already on sale. These babies are going to be my go-to’s for the summer. They have the perfect relaxed fit and distressed look.

Boots on Boots


Lets talk about boots.

If I could, I would buy them all.

Unfortunately, I’m poor.

But a girl can dream…


Tea Time


I’d love a pair of tea cups like these! So beautiful.

Found here: tumblr_mhe2eoioRs1s44pujo1_250.jpg 250×334 pixels.

Blue Love


Lovely sale finds at Plant Blue… Unfortunately even the sale prices are still too expensive for me. Wah…

Photo Cred: California Clothing Sale California Clothes on Sale for Women.

California Girl Uniform

Wish you were here to enjoy the California weather. And the California girls. And the California dreaming…

Photo Cred: What Do I Wear



I’d like to take a moment to personally thank Honestly WTF for introducing me to the mesmerizing brand Rapsodia. Of course after drooling over every look I’ve come to find out that they are yet to be available in the US. Just my luck! The embroidery, lace, and vivid colors are just beautiful and inspiring. After looking through their website I have definitely become a fan. Time to brush up on my Spanish!

Photo Cred:Rapsodia Mexico – Lookbook.



Found this ever so lovely dress on OASAP and I am OBSESSED. Faux Fur. Embroidery. Standing collar. What’s not to love. It’s adorable!!