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  1. Hey! My name is Glorianna Schinagl and I pen the blog Fashion Folio! Thanks for commenting on my Buffalo Exchange post! I clicked on your blog and love your work! Are you in Denver? Do you sell your work anywhere?! I’d love to meet you for coffee and hear and see more of your awesome jewelry! Perhaps I can have you bend my name into a necklace!
    E-mail me! fashionfoliofiles@gmail.com!

    • Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog. Unfortunately I’m not in Denver. I live in California. I do have an online shop called Borderline Epoch. There is a link on my blog :). But right now there are only 3 items posted because I’m just doing a trial run. It’s more expensive to post up more items in your store and I didn’t want to spend more money until I knew more people would buy from my store.

  2. Cool! I’ll check it out! I agree with you, it’s hard to incur costs before getting reimbursed… I am sure they will sell though! Look into Etsy or Big Cartel or other options!

    • Im currently using big cartel. I liked having the option to make it your own and it being your own site. But now I’m thinking of switching it to etsy. If you ever come to Cali and you are in the inland empire let me know and we can meet up and talk blogging 🙂

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